Own Silent International LLC, a leading manufacturer of car audio systems, has launched its newest product, the OSI-TDA7851 car stereo. The new car stereo system boasts a powerful 8-core processor, the UIS7862, along with a range of advanced features to provide an unparalleled audio experience for drivers and passengers.

The OSI-TDA7851 car stereo comes with a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM configuration, ensuring seamless performance and ample storage space for all your favorite music, movies, and apps. The stereo is available in two display sizes, 9” and 10.1”, both of which use QLED technology to produce high-quality, crystal-clear images.

One of the standout features of the OSI-TDA7851 is its heat sink and aluminium hardware, which help to dissipate heat and ensure reliable performance even in extreme conditions. The system also uses a digital sound processor with the TDA-7851 Music Output IC, which provides exceptional audio quality and clarity.

In terms of connectivity, the OSI-TDA7851 offers a range of options to suit all your needs. It comes with two USB ports and Bluetooth version 5.0, as well as support for wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. The system is also compatible with both Android and iOS apps, allowing you to stream your favorite content from your phone directly to your car stereo.

One of the most impressive aspects of the OSI-TDA7851 car stereo is its support for the Canbus of different cars, as well as its support for rear, front, and 360 cameras. The system also comes with a cable set included in the package, making it easy to install and use.

Perhaps most importantly for audiophiles, the OSI-TDA7851 car stereo features both optical and coaxial output, providing a high-fidelity audio experience that is unmatched in the market.

The OSI-TDA7851 car stereo is powered by Android version 11, and is available for purchase now on the official Own Silent International LLC website, www.ownsilent.international. With its powerful processor, advanced features, and exceptional audio quality, the OSI-TDA7851 is sure to be a hit with car audio enthusiasts around the world.