The Kia Seltos has received positive reviews and has been well-received in the Indian market since its launch in 2019. It has won several awards for its design, performance, and features. Based on this, the Kia Seltos can be considered a good choice for a compact SUV in India.


The Kia Seltos offers a range of features, including a modern design, spacious cabin, good quality materials, and a variety of engine options, including both petrol and diesel. It also comes with a range of safety features such as ABS, airbags, and a rearview camera. The Seltos also has a good infotainment system, including a touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


One thing to consider when buying the Kia Seltos is its pricing. While it is priced competitively compared to its rivals, it may not be the most affordable option in its segment. Additionally, its service and maintenance costs may be higher compared to some of its competitors.

Overall, the Kia Seltos is worth considering for those looking for a stylish and feature-packed compact SUV in India, but it's important to research and compare it with other options in its segment before making a final decision.

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