1. What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are parts for a vehicle that are produced by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

2. Why would someone choose aftermarket parts over OEM parts?

Someone might choose aftermarket parts over OEM parts because they are often cheaper, offer more variety and customization options, and may provide better performance or aesthetics.

3. Are aftermarket parts cheaper than OEM parts?

In many cases, aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts

4. Do aftermarket parts void warranties?

Using aftermarket parts can potentially void a vehicle's warranty, depending on the terms of the warranty and the specific parts being used.

Aftermarket parts provided by our company (Own Silent International LLC) are 100% Plug and Play .


5. Are aftermarket parts legal?

Generally, aftermarket parts are legal as long as they meet certain safety and emissions standards.

6. What types of aftermarket parts are available?

There are many types of aftermarket parts available, including performance parts, suspension parts, body kits, exhaust systems, wheels and tires, and more.

7. Are all aftermarket parts the same quality?

No, not all aftermarket parts are the same quality. Some aftermarket parts may be of lower quality than OEM parts, while others may be of equal or higher quality.

8. Are there any downsides to using aftermarket parts?

There are some downsides to using aftermarket parts, such as potential compatibility issues, warranty concerns, and the risk of buying low-quality or counterfeit parts.