According to various surveys and studies, supercar owners tend to drive their cars relatively infrequently. The exact frequency of use can vary depending on factors such as the owner's lifestyle, location, and individual preferences, but here are some general findings:


  • A study conducted by the British car insurance company, Aviva, found that the average supercar owner drives their car just 1,200 miles per year, or approximately 100 miles per month.


  • Another study by the British car website, AutoTrader, found that nearly a third of supercar owners drive their cars less than once a month.


  • However, it's worth noting that some supercar owners do use their cars more frequently. For example, a survey by the US car website, Auto-trader, found that around 10% of supercar owners drive their cars every day or almost every day.


There are several factors that may contribute to the relatively infrequent use of supercars. These may include the high cost of fuel and maintenance, concerns about theft or damage, and the fact that supercars are often not well-suited for everyday driving due to their low ground clearance, stiff suspension, and other performance-focused features. Additionally, many supercar owners may simply enjoy owning the car as a status symbol or collectible item, rather than using it as a daily driver.