The name "Wolff" in Mercedes-AMG Petronas comes from the team's principal and CEO, Toto Wolff.


Toto Wolff is a former racing driver and an Austrian businessman who became a shareholder in the Williams Formula One team in 2009. He later moved to Mercedes in 2013 as the team's executive director, responsible for the team's business operations. In 2014, when Mercedes won the Constructors' Championship, Toto Wolff became the team principal, taking over from Ross Brawn.

The team's name, Mercedes-AMG Petronas, reflects the partnership between Mercedes-Benz, AMG (the performance division of Mercedes-Benz), and Petronas (the Malaysian oil and gas company). However, the use of the name "Wolff" is a tribute to Toto Wolff's role in the team's success and his leadership in building a championship-winning team.

Since becoming the team principal, Toto Wolff has overseen Mercedes' dominance in Formula One, with the team winning multiple Constructors' and Drivers' Championships. The name "Wolff" has become synonymous with success in Formula One, and it serves as a testament to Toto Wolff's contributions to the team's achievements.

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