The keyless-entry keypad is a feature that some Ford customers find convenient and useful. While it may not be a popular feature among all car buyers, there are still enough people who appreciate and use it that Ford continues to offer it as an option on certain models.

One possible reason for the continued availability of the keyless-entry keypad is that Ford wants to provide a range of features and options to its customers to meet their different needs and preferences. The keypad may be particularly useful for people who often misplace their keys or need to provide access to their car to others without physically handing over a key.

It's also worth noting that the cost of including the keypad as an option may not be significant enough for Ford to discontinue it. Additionally, some Ford customers may choose a specific model or trim level specifically because it includes the keypad.

In summary, the continued inclusion of the keyless-entry keypad in some Ford models is likely due to a combination of customer demand and the desire to provide a range of features and options to meet different needs and preferences.


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