BMW, the German automobile manufacturer, recently announced its plans to launch a self-driving electric vehicle by the year 2025. The car is expected to have level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, which means that it will be able to drive itself under certain conditions, while a human driver can take over at any time.

The announcement was made by Oliver Zipse, BMW's CEO, during a recent speech. Zipse said that the company is working hard to develop a vehicle that combines the latest advancements in electric and autonomous driving technologies.

BMW has been investing heavily in electric vehicles in recent years, with the launch of its i3 and i8 models. The company is also working on a new electric platform that will underpin its future models.

The new self-driving electric vehicle will be based on this platform and will be designed for urban driving. It will be equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and software that will enable it to navigate through traffic, avoid obstacles, and park itself.

BMW's announcement comes at a time when many other automakers are also racing to develop self-driving electric vehicles. Tesla, Waymo, and Uber are some of the companies that are currently leading the way in this field.

The launch of a self-driving electric vehicle by BMW in 2025 will be a significant milestone for the company, as well as the automotive industry as a whole. It will also mark a major step towards the future of mobility, where electric and autonomous vehicles will become the norm.

In conclusion, BMW's announcement of a self-driving electric vehicle launch by 2025 is an exciting development that underscores the growing trend towards electric and autonomous driving technologies. As more automakers enter this field, we can expect to see a rapid transformation in the way we move around in cities and beyond.

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