The BMW ICOM Next A is an upgraded version of the BMW ICOM A2 and is specifically designed for repairing BMW vehicles. It is compatible with the ICOM Next B and boasts enhanced functionality, resulting in improved performance and faster start-up times.

By investing in this tool, you can keep your expenses low and keep your customers happy. This will eliminate the need to send vehicles to main dealers, which will save you time and money.

The BMW Key Reader is a user-friendly tool that can identify and read data. To use it, simply place the key on the Key Reader and the device will begin to read the data. The Key Reader operates through the BMW AOS web portal, and a subscription will be required to write the service history to a vehicle.

Features of the BMW ICOM Next A include the ability to work with all BMW/Mini vehicles and access fiber-optic networks with the ICOM Next B. It can also be used to access motorad and motorcycles with additional cables D and E. The ICOM Next A uses a symptom-based diagnostic process for accurate diagnosis, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

The KaSIO application (Key and Service history for Independent Operators) is available with the BMW Key Reader and offers several functions. These include reading and presenting key data, providing service history based on key data, printing the proof of maintenance, and giving you instant visual vehicle information.

The official diagnostic application used for BMW/Mini vehicles is ISTA (Integrated Service Technical Application), which can be accessed via the AOS Portal. This application requires a stable online connection and provides diagnosis, service functions, information research for repair and maintenance, guided troubleshooting, programming, software update, control unit replacement, and retrofit/conversion.

The BMW ICOM Next A and BMW Key Reader both come with their respective cables and accessories. Additionally, 100% genuine sales support, OEM registration help, OEM software installation, live training via TeamViewer, training videos for 30 days, and a tool & laptop/tablet are included.