The BRABUS Crawler is a unique off-road vehicle, and "One of 15" made by BRABUS. Its design and exterior features are carefully crafted to provide excellent off-road capabilities while maintaining a sporty and aggressive appearance.

The BRABUS Crawler features a tube frame made of high-strength steel and portal axles, specially designed and manufactured by BRABUS. These portal axles increase ground clearance and offer improved axle articulation, making the Crawler capable of tackling the toughest terrain. The axles are mounted on high-strength mounts, ensuring their durability and reliability.

The open carbon body of the BRABUS Crawler is a unique design element that adds to its aggressive appearance. The carbon hood features integrated air intakes and air outlets, providing optimal airflow to the engine. The carbon roof panel, carbon fiber fenders, and side skirts with side steps, and wheel arch linings made of durable carbon Kevlar, provide protection to the body while keeping the weight low.


The BRABUS Crawler also features a carbon roof attachment with a central air intake for ventilation of the rear seats and two LED light modules. The carbon roof spoiler adds to the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and the underbody panels made of aluminum and resistant carbon Kevlar provide additional protection.


  • The front grille features a double B logo, the signature of BRABUS, while the rear features the BRABUS lettering. These elements give the Crawler a distinct look that sets it apart from other off-road vehicles.