That being said, Nissan has faced challenges in recent years, particularly in the small car segment. The company has struggled to keep up with rivals in terms of technology and design, and its lineup of small cars has struggled to stand out in a crowded market.

However, Nissan is taking steps to improve its position in the small car segment. The company is investing in new technologies and is working on a range of new models that are designed to be more competitive in terms of features, performance, and design.

In addition, Nissan has partnered with other automakers, including Renault and Mitsubishi, to share resources and develop new technologies more quickly and efficiently. This could help the company to stay ahead of the curve and respond more effectively to changes in the market.

Overall, while the recovery of Nissan's small car sales is not guaranteed, the company's recent investments in technology and new models could help to improve its position and attract more customers in the coming years.