The BMW ICOM Next A is an OEM original diagnostic kit that is designed to help car owners and mechanics diagnose and troubleshoot any issues with their BMW cars. This kit is made specifically for BMW vehicles and is not a generic diagnostic tool that can be used on any car. The BMW ICOM Next A is a 100% original kit, and it is not a Chinese clone.

One of the key features of the BMW ICOM Next A is that it supports WIFI and WLAN connections. This means that users can connect to the internet and download the latest software updates for the kit. Additionally, each kit comes with a unique MAC address S/N, which ensures that users can easily identify their kit.

The BMW ICOM Next A is compatible with BMW ISID ISTA-P as well as BMW Esys. These are the primary software programs used by BMW technicians to diagnose and program BMW cars. The kit can also be used for full car diagnostics, coding, and programming. This means that car owners and mechanics can use the kit to check the status of various car systems, identify issues, and make repairs or adjustments as necessary.

When using the BMW ICOM Next A, users can expect a high level of accuracy and reliability. This is because the kit is made specifically for BMW vehicles, and it is designed to provide detailed information about each car system. Additionally, the kit is very easy to use, even for those who do not have extensive experience with car diagnostics.

The BMW ICOM Next A is available from Own Silent International LLC. This company is known for providing high-quality diagnostic tools and equipment to mechanics and car owners. They offer a range of BMW diagnostic kits and accessories, including the BMW ICOM Next A.

Overall, the BMW ICOM Next A is an excellent tool for anyone who owns or works on BMW vehicles. It is easy to use, reliable, and provides a high level of accuracy. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a car enthusiast, the BMW ICOM Next A can help you diagnose and troubleshoot any issues with your BMW car.

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