In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems are a combination of hardware and software that provide entertainment, communication, and navigation services to drivers and passengers. IVI systems are usually integrated into the dashboard of the vehicle and offer a range of features such as music playback, video playback, hands-free calling, and GPS navigation.

The key components of an IVI system include:

  1. Display: An IVI system typically includes a display that can be used to view information such as music playlists, maps, and contacts. Displays can range from small monochrome screens to large, high-resolution touchscreens.

  2. Audio system: An IVI system includes an audio system that can be used to play music or other audio content. The audio system can include features such as AM/FM radio, CD players, Bluetooth connectivity, and streaming music services.

  3. Connectivity: IVI systems are usually connected to the internet, either through a cellular data connection or a Wi-Fi hotspot. This connectivity enables features such as live traffic updates, weather forecasts, and online search functionality.

  4. Navigation: IVI systems often include GPS navigation functionality, allowing drivers to navigate to destinations and find points of interest along the way.

  5. Voice control: Many modern IVI systems include voice control features that allow drivers to control the system using voice commands. This can be useful for making phone calls, changing music tracks, or setting the destination in the navigation system.

  6. Integration with other systems: IVI systems are often integrated with other systems in the vehicle, such as the climate control system, to provide a seamless and integrated user experience.

Overall, IVI systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and integrated into the overall vehicle experience. They are an important part of the modern vehicle and provide drivers and passengers with a range of entertainment, communication, and navigation features that help to make driving a more enjoyable and convenient experience.