The LCD smart display key for the Brabus 700, designed by Own Silent International LLC, is an automotive aftermarket Products Company in the USA. The company, established in Lewes, Delaware in 2018, has created a keyless entry system that includes an LCD display with advanced features.

The key features of this product include an LCD smart display that allows for keyless entry, auto lock and unlock, remote car starter, key fob replacement, anti-theft accessories, and a vehicle logo display. This key also requires pro welding tech for installation, ensuring a high-quality and secure setup.

One of the key benefits of the LCD smart display key is its advanced features. The LCD display allows for easy access to various vehicle settings and information, making it convenient for the user. Additionally, the auto lock and unlock feature adds an extra level of security for the vehicle.

Another benefit of this key is the ability to replace traditional keys with a keyless entry system. This means that the user can easily access their vehicle without the need for a physical key, adding convenience and ease to their daily routine.

Overall, the LCD smart display key for the Brabus 700 by Own Silent International LLC is a high-quality aftermarket product that offers advanced features, keyless entry, and added security for the vehicle. The pro welding tech required for installation ensures a secure and reliable setup, making it an excellent choice for vehicle owners looking for an upgrade.