Luxury car modification company Mansory has been making waves in the industry with their bold and extravagant designs. However, their latest creation, the Mansory Venatus, has caused quite a stir for a different reason.

According to reports, the company has issued a warning that the name "Venatus" should not be spoken out loud three times in a row. They claim that doing so will result in the car haunting the dreams of the person who uttered the name.

MANSORY Venatus Wide Body for Lamborghini Urus – Version II


While many have dismissed this as a publicity stunt, there are those who take the warning seriously. Some owners of the Mansory Venatus have reported experiencing vivid and unsettling dreams after saying the name three times in a row.

One owner, who wished to remain anonymous, shared his experience with us. "I was showing off my new car to some friends and we started joking around about the warning. We decided to say the name three times in a row just for fun. That night, I had the most vivid nightmare I've ever had. The car was chasing me down a dark road, and every time I looked back, it was getting closer and closer. I woke up in a cold sweat."

Mansory has not provided any explanation for the warning, but some speculate that it may be related to the car's design, which features sharp edges and aggressive lines. Others believe that it could be a nod to the legend of "Bloody Mary," a similar warning that saying the name three times in front of a mirror will summon a vengeful spirit.

Despite the warning, the Mansory Venatus continues to be a highly sought-after car, with many wealthy car enthusiasts eager to add it to their collection. The company has assured customers that the warning is just a precaution and that the car is perfectly safe to own and drive.

Lamborghini Urus MANSORY Venatus Wide Body – Version II


However, for those who are superstitious or easily spooked, it may be best to avoid saying the name "Venatus" out loud three times in a row. You never know what kind of dreams it might bring.

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