Introducing the Engine Start Module for Compatible Mercedes Benz Models

If you own a Mercedes Benz CLA C117 2012-2018, CLS C218 2012-2018, E Class W212 2009-2014, E Class Coupe C212 2013-2014, GLK X204 2013-2015, SLC 2016-2019, or SLK R172 2014-2015, we have great news for you. Our engine start module is now available for these models, replacing the traditional key start method with a PUSH to START/STOP and KEYLESS GO function.

The installation of our engine start module comes with a host of new features that will enhance your driving experience. With the key nearby the car, the KEYLESS ENTRY function will automatically unlock the car doors as you approach the vehicle. Similarly, the KEYLESS CLOSE feature will lock the doors as you move away from the car.


Moreover, the REMOTE LOCK/UNLOCK/START/STOP feature enables you to start or stop the car engine and control some of the car's original functions with the key. You can also lift the trunk with the dedicated button on the car key, thanks to the TRUNK CONTROL feature. Lastly, the WINDOW UP function allows you to lift all car windows from the key, adding another layer of convenience.



Our package contains all the necessary components for installation, including the host, connecting cables, push start/stop button, two remote keys, and two antennas. Before and after installation, you will enjoy added convenience and security, making your driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Upgrade your Mercedes Benz model today with our engine start module.

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