Android Auto recently underwent a significant redesign aimed at making it easier and safer to use while driving. The new look of Android Auto includes updated graphics, new fonts, and an overall cleaner and more intuitive interface. Here are a few things you should know about the new redesign:

  1. Navigation bar: The navigation bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen, making it easier to reach while driving. It includes quick access buttons for navigation, home, and voice commands.

  2. App drawer: The app drawer has been moved to the left side of the screen and is now accessible by swiping from the left. This makes it easier to navigate between apps and access the ones you need quickly.

  3. Notification center: Android Auto now includes a notification center, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen. This allows you to see and manage notifications without having to switch between apps.

  4. Dark theme: Android Auto now includes a dark theme option, which can help reduce eye strain and make it easier to see the screen in low light conditions.

  5. Improved voice control: Android Auto's voice control has been improved to make it easier to use while driving. You can now access more features and use natural language to control your device.

Overall, the new redesign of Android Auto is aimed at making it safer and easier to use while driving. The new interface is designed to be more intuitive and reduce distractions, making it easier for drivers to focus on the road.

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