Lamborghini has a long-standing tradition of building high-performance naturally aspirated engines. While turbochargers can increase engine power output, they also have some drawbacks that may not be compatible with Lamborghini's philosophy of performance and driving experience.

One of the main issues with turbochargers is turbo lag, which is the delay in power delivery as the turbo spools up to boost air into the engine. Lamborghini aims to deliver immediate, linear power delivery throughout the rev range, and turbochargers can make this more difficult to achieve. Additionally, turbochargers can add weight and complexity to the engine, which can negatively impact the overall driving experience and handling.

Another factor that might influence Lamborghini's decision to avoid turbochargers is that they have typically been associated with fuel economy and emissions regulations. While turbocharged engines can be more efficient than naturally aspirated engines, Lamborghini's customers tend to prioritize performance and driving experience over fuel efficiency.

Overall, Lamborghini's decision to avoid turbochargers is likely driven by a desire to maintain the brand's reputation for building high-performance, naturally aspirated engines that deliver an exhilarating driving experience.