In a refreshing change of pace, a couple in the Mahindra XUV700 has showcased responsible use of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features in an Instagram Reel that has gone viral for all the right reasons. The video, uploaded by the handle name ‘mahindra_xuv700_love’, shows the driver and passenger demonstrating how the ADAS features can assist in safe driving practices.

The video begins with the driver activating the ADAS features, including lane departure warning, collision avoidance system, and adaptive cruise control. The driver then proceeds to drive the vehicle in a safe and attentive manner, with the passenger providing commentary on the effectiveness of the ADAS features.

The couple emphasizes that ADAS features are meant to assist drivers in safe driving practices, and not to replace the need for attentive driving. The video ends with a message promoting responsible driving practices and encouraging others to use ADAS features in a responsible manner.

This video serves as a great example of how ADAS features can be used to improve road safety when used responsibly. It is important for car brands and the government to promote responsible use of ADAS features and educate drivers on how to use them effectively.

In related news, Tata has introduced trucks with ADAS features to help eliminate accidents on the road, while the 2023 Honda City sedan has also just been launched with ADAS, making it the cheapest vehicle in India with ADAS. With more cars with ADAS features coming soon, it is crucial to promote responsible use of these features to ensure the safety of all road users.