NTG 4.5 is a multimedia system used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It was first introduced in 2011 and was used in various Mercedes-Benz models until 2015.

The system consists of a high-resolution color display, a control knob, and various buttons for easy operation. It provides features such as navigation with real-time traffic updates, a built-in CD/DVD player, a radio tuner, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and audio streaming, and USB connectivity for playback of digital media files.

NTG 4.5 also includes a voice control system, which allows the driver to control various features of the system using natural language commands. For example, the driver can say "navigate to the nearest gas station" to get turn-by-turn directions to the nearest gas station.

Another notable feature of NTG 4.5 is its ability to integrate with various other systems in the vehicle, such as the climate control system and the instrument cluster. This integration allows the driver to access and control these systems directly from the multimedia system.

Overall, NTG 4.5 was a significant upgrade over the previous generation of Mercedes-Benz multimedia systems and was well-received by Mercedes-Benz owners. However, newer models have since been released with even more advanced features and capabilities.