Here are explanations for each fact presented in the statement:

  1. Car brands like Toyota, Subaru, and Honda are routinely reviewed as excellent cars: These brands are known for producing reliable, well-built cars that are typically less expensive than luxury brands. They often receive high marks in reliability and safety ratings, making them popular choices for consumers.
  2. These brands are easier to repair than luxury brands: Due to their more straightforward engineering and construction, non-luxury brands are generally less complex and easier to repair than luxury brands. This can lead to lower maintenance and repair costs over the life of the vehicle
  3. Lexus, Audi, and BMW are luxury brands: These brands are known for producing high-end, luxury cars that often come with advanced technology, premium materials, and performance-oriented features. They are generally more expensive than non-luxury brands due to their focus on luxury and performance.
  4. Justification for paying more for a luxury brand other than status: While status is a significant factor for some buyers, there are other justifications for paying more for a luxury brand. These may include advanced safety features, higher performance, more advanced technology, more luxurious materials, and a higher level of refinement and attention to detail. Additionally, luxury brands may offer more exclusive features and options not available on non-luxury models.