Ultra Max Pad Series For Range Rover Vogue L405

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Step into the future of in-car technology with the Range Rover Vogue 12.3” Flip Stereo System — a marvel of modern engineering, designed to elevate your vehicle’s functionality and style. Here’s a look at what makes this system the ultimate co-pilot for your journeys:

Stunning Visuals, Revolutionary Design

• Expansive 12.3” Display: Feast your eyes on the expansive IPS screen, boasting a crystal-clear 1920 x 1080 resolution.
• Revolutionary Flip Screen: Embrace flexibility with a flip rotating screen, mirroring the sleek innovation of the 2021 model sport.

• Contemporary Interface: Navigate with ease through a UI that captures the essence of Range Rover’s 2018-2021 models, all encased within an elegant leather frame.

Performance That Powers Your Drive

• Advanced Operating System: Powered by Android 12, equipped with an 8-core CPU, 6GB RAM, and a vast 128GB ROM for unmatched responsiveness.
• Seamless Connectivity: With built-in Wi-Fi, you’re always connected, whether it’s for navigation, entertainment, or staying in touch.

Features That Define Convenience

• Dual-Zone Functionality: A high-resolution, multi-touch screen that supports both HD 1080P and 4K, allowing for dual-zone control.
• Wireless Integration: Effortlessly sync with wireless CarPlay and enjoy seamless mirroring with both Android and iPhone devices.

• All-Round Connectivity: Stay online with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and engage with all your essential services, from social media to email.

• Navigation at a Glance: Full-screen map display with built-in navigation, supporting a multitude of GPS services for a stress-free journey.

• Enhanced Safety Features: Connect to rearview cameras and sensors for secure parking, and indulge in the 360-degree panoramic view for heightened awareness.
• Driver-Centric Controls: With steering wheel control integration, you can manage your media without ever taking your hands off the wheel.
• Bluetooth and USB Support: Bluetooth-enabled phone calls and two USB ports keep you connected and your media within reach.

Seamless Dashboard Integration

• Perfect Placement: Designed to integrate flawlessly into your dashboard, this system is the epitome of innovation meets elegance.
• Multifunctional: Combining Bluetooth, GPS, MP3/MP4, radio, touchscreen, and TV, it’s the all-in-one solution for your Range Rover Vogue.

With the Range Rover Vogue 12.3” Flip Stereo System, you’re not just upgrading your vehicle, you’re redefining the very essence of your driving experience. Every journey deserves the soundtrack, navigation, and connectivity that this state-of-the-art system provides. Get ready to drive into the future, today.

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