10.25" Instrument & MBUX Screen Upgrade (A/CLA/GLA/GLB/B Class)

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Unfortunately some vehicles come with the smaller 7" displays which take away from the pleasure of having a digital dashboard. 

Did you miss out on getting the bigger 10.25" screens when ordering your vehicle? Or did you buy your car used & wished it had the bigger screens installed?

Not to worry as we can retrofit these screens for you to make your vehicle feel brand new again. we can send you the retrofit kit containing all the needed parts, fitting guide & our remoteOBD coding device no matter where you are in the world.

For this retrofit, the instrument cluster control unit(under the front left seat) & the screen need changing. (It's commonly believed just the screen needs changing which is not true)

 All the parts are brand new & Genuine supplied by Mercedes-Benz.


Please note if your vehicle has dual 7" screens with a rear view camera and no parking sensors, the rear view camera will need a recalibration. If you choose our remote service this recalibration will need to be done by a dealer or a MB specialist. Vehicles with one 7" and one 10.25" / vehicles with parking sensors & rear view camera are unaffected by this.