$11,999.99 USD

2020-2022 Mustang Shelby GT500 Front End Assembly Front Clip Bumper Fenders Body

2021 Mustang Shelby GT500 Front end assembly take off
949 mile car
Twister Orange in color

Front End/Front Clip assembly. Complete front end assembly. We pulled the Drivetrain and literally left everything else minus the steering rack and suspension. Subframe is still in the car. Cut off a flood car. Lights have no water in them are worked when tested. Wiring, ECU and TCM are still in the car and I cant guarantee them to work.

The complete front end is protective paint filmed. The stripes are vinyl over the wrap I believe. Aftermarket vinyl stripes. There are a few scratches in the bumper. I think only in the film. The lower valance has a few marks on it from what looks like maybe when towed it hit ramp and pushed the hardware up through. There is some rash under the valance and some on the trey. The trey has a small crack in it. I couldnt get a picture of it. But its not bad. All coolers are in the clip with most all hoses. We connected everything from engine and left it in the car with hard lines. Strut brace is included as well. This is the probably the most complete kit you will see around for one of these cars. Even the windshield is included.