Android CarPlay Navigation Stereo Mini Cooper S Hatch F55 F56 2014 -2019

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CPU: AC8259 8-core core 

Operating system: Android 10.0 

Storage capacity: 4+64G 

Network mode: 4G Global Connect (support 3G/4G networks in all regions of the world)

Screen resolution: 800*480 / 1280*480 / 1920*720 TN/IPS display

Touch screen type: anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, full-fit process capacitive touch screen, support multi-touch

Audio: Built-in DSP 32-segment high-fidelity audio decoding system

Mobile phone interconnection: built-in CARPLAY / built-in Yealink mobile phone interconnection

Charging function: built-in 25W super fast charge
Reversing: Support CVBS/AHD reversing, built-in 3D 360 panorama

Audio format: supports full format audio files
Video format: support full format video files