Electric Car Rear Trunk Spoiler For Cadillac XT5 XT6 2010-2022

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Product: Carbon Fiber Remote Controlled Spoiler for Cadillac XT5 XT6 2010-2022


  • Automatic lifting of spoiler wing when remote key is used to unlock the car
  • Automatic lowering of spoiler wing when car is turned off and remote key is used to lock the car
  • Car button control option to lift up or lower down spoiler wing by following the sequence "UNLOCK-LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK" or "-LOCK-UNLOCK-LOCK"


  1. The spoiler has a carbon fiber texture design but is not made of actual carbon fiber material.
  2. This spoiler is electrically controlled by a remote key and has an exclusive patent in the world.

Package includes:

  • 1 x ABS plastic carbon fiber spoiler wing
  • 1 x Power auto motor device
  • 1 x Wire Harness and screws
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