Electric Soft Close For Toyota Camry

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  1. Is your product universal? No, our products are designed for specific car models. Please contact our customer service team and provide the car model number before purchasing to ensure compatibility.

  2. Will your product fit my car? We can confirm compatibility by checking the car model number. Please send us the car model number before purchasing.

  3. What products do you offer? We offer electric suction doors and brake discs.

  4. Why should I choose your company over other suppliers? We are the source factory and have an independent design and development team for electric suction doors. Our products have gained a high level of user recognition, and we have direct cooperation with many car manufacturers. Our 24-hour online service team is always available to assist you. We offer support for wholesale, OEM group purchase, and factory direct sales at competitive prices. We also provide product installation guidance and online technical assistance for product installation engineers.

  5. What is your warranty policy? Our products have a low defective rate, with less than 1% of items being defective. We offer a 12-month warranty starting from the delivery date in our factory. During the warranty period, any defective products will be repaired or replaced free of charge in the next order. However, products damaged or repaired due to violence or carelessness are not covered by the warranty.