Ford Focus MK2 2004-11 Android CarPlay Navigation System

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Product Functions
QLED 1280*720 Display Screen
Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes is the best quality screen in the market, more colorful and realistic.
IPS 1280*720 Display Screen
IPS screen is more clear to watch. No matter what visual angle of screen you look it's still clear.
TN 1024*600 Display Screen
TN screen is the basic screen, 4core usually use this screen so that can help buyers save cost.
Phone Link
T1 has Phone Link APP, synchron your phone with our product by USB or Wifi.
Android Auto
The wired Auto of Android phone, can mobile synchronized online navigation, phone call, phone music.
The wireless CarPlay of Apple phone, can mobile synchronized online navigation, phone call, phone music.
Built-in Digital Sound Processor, can change the music sound effect in your car, such as Bass,Jazz,Rock, ect effect.
And it can control the 4 speakers play in different volume and the time of reaching to the seat.
Cooling Fan+Fiber Optical
Cooling fan on the back to make CPU running in low temperature and to help
If original car use this fiber optical output port, will maintain sound quality without distortion.
CPU Score
7862 is the best CPU in the market now, running faster than PX6,8953,MTK, ect CPU. And the system is more stable, the memory can be extend to large. The function is more complete. It's best choice for personal car use.
Video Output(Optional)
Our product support video output, but need an HDMI/RCA adapter to connect with roof moniter/headrest monitors. Need to buy extra.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System can measure and monitor your tires' pressure situation in real time.
Need to buy extra.
Voice Control(Optional)
Vocie Control is more convenient to use the product, support 11 kinds of language.
Need to buy extra.
USB Digital Video Recorder easily install, and we give 32GB SanDisk TF card as gift.
Need to buy extra.
Rear Camera(Optional)
Support HD or AHD 720P/1080P Reversing View Camera, help you to parking your car.
Need to buy extra.
360 Panoramic Camera(Optional)
Support built-in or external 360 panoramic camera, help you to parking car safer.
Need to buy extra.
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