Lamborghini covered Leather Key Fob case Urus Huracan EVO STO Aventador S Roadster Gallardo LP700 LP610 LP560 Leather Handmade.

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leather, Italy Vegetable Tanned Leather


Mclaren 3D Covered leather key case.
🔺Car logo embossed totem🔺


🔺Please check your Car key &buttons to match the same picture 2 shown.
If your car key looks the same as the picture, it will fit your key.
If you are not sure, please contact us with the picture of your key.
(If you place an order without confirmation, you must bear it yourself,No returns)

🔺The color card behind the picture of the store is made for the entity to complete the shooting, based on the color reference of the photo Picture 5、6、7.
🔺Handmade, completed as soon as possible according to the production hours of the store.
🔺With exquisite packaging gift box, it is convenient and suitable for gift giving.

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Italy Vegetable Tanned Leather color selection
Color: Black / Orange / Brown / Reid Red / Midnight Green / Prussian Blue / Red Camo / Sand Camo / Blue Camo / Black Panther / Orange Panther / Yellow Panther / Green Panther / Blue Panther / Brown Panther
leather color Reference Picture 5、6、7

Thread: German nylon

Production working day
⚒Pure handmade works need to go through many tedious processes in order to achieve a delicate arc.
However, it can be done as soon as possible, the working day is 3-5 days


Leather introduction
From Italy 100% top vegetable tanned leather cowhide is extracted from natural plant tannins,
With high-quality brass hardware from Taiwan and Japan as an interpretation,
Natural vegetable tanned leather, the surface is not chemically coated like synthetic leather.
Such as tendons, friction color changes,mosquito bites,slight scratches, etc.,
All are the normal natural characteristics of leather materials,which cannot be presented as industrial-grade standard products.
Perfectionists do not place orders

Scratches are inevitable due to the character of the leather.
It is part of the whole evolutionary journey of this leather.

🔺If you have any concerns or questions, please let me know.

Brand Concept
The Tri-Posei Leathers is located in Taiwan, we insist on high-quality craftsmanship,
Pursue your own technology, have the confidence to do the best works wholeheartedly,
Spend time, work hard and never compromise on quality issues.