Luxury Floor Mat For Nissan Patrol Y61 Toyota Prado Ford Ranger Toyota Camry Toyota Hilux

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Product Features:
1. Made to order for your car.
2. Waterproof Stain Resistant
3. Easy Cleaning
4. Extra Durable
5. Easy Quick Installation
6. Full coverage
7. Clips to fix
8. Non-slip / anti slip
9. 1 year limited warranty
10. Perfect fit: Made by using laser measured dimensions.
11. Unique rear design: Single Piece for the back to ensure firm fitting and easy installation.
12. Scratch Resistance: Vegan leather is scratch resistant making it more practical for everyday use.
13. Perfect floor protection: Noice reduction and complete floor protection due to Vegan leather.
14. Center console side coverage: Unique design offers more coverage than other floor mats.


Nissan patrol 2016
Toyota prado
Ford ranger 016-021
Toyota camry hybrid
Toyota Hilux