Mercedes Benz G350 G500 G63 Complete interior Upgrade to 2023 Design

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We carried out design and development for the old model Benz big G. After 16 months of design, 15 versions, more than 20 patents, more than 440 molds were developed. After a lot of testing and verification for half a year, the final successful trial installation was completed before January 2020. Product is suitable for use in paragraphs 2002 and 2018 Mercedes G model upgrade, upgrade features include: even vehicle-mounted control atmosphere double screen, 128 color lamp, turbine outlet (with atmosphere lamp), 3 d rotation soprano, electrically induced discoloration anti glare outside mirror, BSD/LCD blind spot monitoring and lines secondary radar, a key to start car, car fragrance, full leather customization options; The product is scheduled to be launched globally in the middle of the year and is currently available for preorder.