Mercedes-Benz GLS167 multi-beam geometric headlamp

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Genuine Mercedes-Benz Multibeam LED Headlights.

Mercedes-Benz has always been at the cutting edge of technology. Intelligent headlights Mercedes-Benz include technologies that aim to improve safety for each model, enhancing driving comfort. Many models make modern headlights one of the most complex devices in the car.


  • Perfect light for GLS-Class
  • Full LED headlight
  • Multibeam technology

Validity information codes: 

  • 642 - Dynamic LED Headlight

The set includes:

  • The kit includes two Multibeam headlights.
  • Optionally, control units can be selected in the kit configuration when adding product to the cart.
  • When you add a product to the cart, you will be able to select the following parts of the kit:
    • Lamp units: Please choose lamp units based on your region.


  • This set can be installed in all Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class X167 with Multibeam LED headlights.
  • Installation requires professional experience and equipment. Due to this reason, we strongly recommend having the headlights installed in a specialized workshop.
  • If Multibeam LED headlights are not installed in your car, please contact our customer service. In this case, you may need additional equipment for installation of headlights on your Mercedes-Benz.
  • Using the VIN (vehicle identification number), we have an opportunity to check compatibility of your vehicle with the retrofit. If you have doubts about compatibility or installation, you can specify VIN of your car while placing an order.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot follow all the road & traffic regulations of each country, please check if any registration is needed locally.
  • For further questions regarding the installation, please feel free to send us a request.

100% genuine Mercedes-Benz tuning / performance parts / multibeam headlights / Intelligent light system


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