OSI-TDA7851 4GB Ram Android CarPlay Stereo With QLED Display DSP Music

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Product Name: OSI-TDA7851


  1. Operating System: Android 12.0
  2. Processor: UIS7862 Eight-Core 1.8 GHZ Dual-core
  3. Graphics Processor: ARM Mali G52 614.4MHz
  4. Display: 9 inch 1280*800 IPS HD Screen
  5. Memory: 4GB RAM
  6. Storage: 32GB ROM
  7. Connectivity: Built-in WIFI module and 4G module
  8. Internet Connection: Super fast
  9. App Store: Google Play Store
  10. Compatibility: Supports aftermarket reverse camera, DVR, OBD2, DAB+, TPMS (accessories sold separately)
  11. Fast Boot: Radio starts up quickly
  12. Steering Wheel Control: Supports
  13. Bluetooth: Supports handfree calling and phonebook sync (5 Band)
  14. Digital Signal Processor (DSP): Built-in for better sound and adjustable equalizer (24 Band)
  15. Smartphone Integration: Supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  16. Audio Outputs: Optical and Coaxial
  17. Alexa Compatibility: Works with Apple Car Play for voice command.

Product Name: OSI-TDA7851 Android Car Media Player

Brand: Own Silent International LLC

Model No: OSI-TDA7851

The OSI-TDA7851 is an advanced Android car media player that offers a range of features to provide a seamless driving experience. It features a powerful Unisoc UMS512 octa-core processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz that provides smooth performance and enables you to multitask with ease.

The player comes with a 1280*720 resolution 2.5D IPs/QLED display that delivers crisp and clear visuals. It runs on Android 10 and supports 2.4G & 5G WiFi network and 4G simcard, enabling you to stay connected to the internet on the go.

It is equipped with a built-in digital sound processor (DSP) model Rohm32017 that ensures high-quality audio output. The player also supports Android Auto & Apple CarPlay (both wired & wireless) and provides an enhanced entertainment experience.

The player comes with a high-quality FM with RDS and GPS GLONASS dual navigation system, ensuring you stay on track and never lose your way. It also has a built-in Bluetooth that allows you to make and receive calls hands-free.

The OSI-TDA7851 comes with 3 USB ports and supports fast boot, picture in picture, split screen, steering wheel control, USB DVR, and AHD rear camera. It supports Google voice control, making it easy to operate while driving.

The 360 panoramic option is available as an optional add-on and comes with a complete set of AHD panoramic cameras and cables. It allows you to record videos in USB pendrive from 4 cameras, providing a complete view of your surroundings.

Please note that the player only comes with the package and does not include casing & Plug and Play power socket. The package includes 1 x 7862 Android player, 1 x reversing video, 1 x Universal Wire, 1 x GPS antenna, 2 x USB cables, 1 x reversing camera, and 1 x 360 panoramic camera (optional).