Full-screen Porsche Carplay PCM5 Activation for Macan 2019+

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Porsche CarPlay Activation Porsche SmartPCM project to activate PCM4 MHI2 and PCM5 MH2p Head Unit System via USB Flasher. Porsche Apple CarPlay, CarPlay Fullscreen, and Android Auto activation for MY 2017-2022 models.

Full-screen Porsche Carplay pcm5 activation by USB Flasher

For Porsche Macan 2019+ Models, we supply in the package

  1. Apple CarPlay Activation and
  2. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay activation
  3. Android auto activate (optional)
  4. Wireless CarPlay Activation (optional Must be the PCM hardware support)
  5. USB Flasher Toolkit 1set
    Porsche PCM5 USB Flasher Toolkit