Rolls-Royce Cullinan Electric Side Steps automatic Running Boards

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1.Automatic closing

-The closing distance is 8mm, with smart induction and perfect closing

2. Soft-close automatic operation for four doors

-Comfortable driving, gracefully getting on/off the car

3. Replacement at the original position

-Directly replacing the door lock of the original car, 100% nondestructive installation

4.New generation electronic child lock

-It can be directly controlled in the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat

5. Safe door closing

-Smartly identifying the action of a door closing, completely locking by lightly pushing the door

6. Opening and closing under any condition

-The doors can be opened and closed under emergency such as power failure

7.Logic anti-pinch

-When the door is closing, the door will immediately stop closing when it contacts the finger, thus preventing pinch

8.Super silence

-The noise is lower than 40db, you will not hear any noise