Rolls-Royce Ghost I (2010-2015) Royal Body Kit w/LED

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Introducing the Rolls-Royce Ghost I (2010-2015) Royal Body Kit with LED, brought to you by Own Silent International LLC - an auto tuning multinational company based in Lewes, Delaware. Elevate the look of your Rolls-Royce Ghost with this sleek and stylish body kit.

Crafted from high-quality FRP material, this body kit includes a front bumper with LED lights, side skirts, rear bumper, and rear spoiler, all designed to seamlessly fit your Rolls-Royce Ghost I (2010-2015) model. The LED lights not only add a unique touch of elegance, but also provide enhanced visibility for safer driving.

Please note that professional installation is required to ensure proper fitment and functionality of the body kit. Once installed, the Royal Body Kit with LED will give your Rolls-Royce Ghost I (2010-2015) a bold and distinctive look, making it stand out from the crowd.

Upgrade your luxury vehicle with the Rolls-Royce Ghost I (2010-2015) Royal Body Kit with LED from Own Silent International LLC. Experience the ultimate combination of style and performance.