Surrounding camera - 4 camera system for Porsche Taycan

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Product information "Surrounding camera - 4 camera system for Porsche Taycan"
  • Assistant system "Surrounding camera" - Environment view for the complete representation of the vehicle environment for the Porsche Taycan
  • 4 cameras (grille, in both exterior mirrors, rear bumber) allow a complete picture of the environment
  • The cameras offer a variety of views of the immediate vehicle environment Swiveling and zoomable external view of the virtual vehicle in the PCM touch screen
  • the bird's-eye view enables a better maneuvering and positioning of the vehicle
  • rear view camera view with auxiliary elements for transverse parking or trailer operation
  • front camera view with guides and view of obstacles in front of the vehicle
  • View of the front and rear wheels, thus better visibility when approaching a curb
  • Nearly 180 degrees panoramic view supported when leaving narrow parking spaces, driveways or intersections

Scope of Delivery:

  • cable set
  • control unit
  • 4 x camera
  • various holders
  • coding dongle


  • Only for vehicles with PR no .: 7X2 (parking assistant front & rear).
  • If required, commissioning is carried out via remote support
  • The hardware can partly come from test vehicles and went through a comprehensive functional test. The software is up to date
  • If the vehicle has already installed a rear view camera from the factory, this must be exchanged for the rear view camera included in the scope of delivery.
Product group: Park assist and camera systems
Coding: Full coding dongle
Product type: Complete kit
Test installation: Test installation: yes
Weight (in kg): 0.35
Installation time (in h): 7
EAN: 4250363355613