For Porsche Macan 2014‑2020 Upper Center Dashboard Cover Dash Clock 95B858189COA6 Replacement

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Upper Center Dashboard Cover Dash Clock 95B 858 189 C OA6 Replacement for Macan 2014‑2020


1. Fitment: Upper center dashboard cover clock kit is professionally built, perfect replacement for Macan 2014‑2020.
2. OEM Number: Replacing manufacturer part number for reference is 95B 858 189 C OA6, which can ensure perfect match.
3. Excellent Replacement: Stylish and practical upper center dashboard trim can directly replace the broken or shabby one.
4. Nondestructive Installation: The installation is simple, no need to program and modify, will not hurt your car, easy to operate.
5. Premium Material: With the use of high quality ABS material, this upper center dash bezel is wearproof, sturdy and durable.




Item Type: Upper Center Dashboard Trim
Material: ABS
OEM: 95B 858 189 C OA6
Replacement for Macan 2014-2020



Package List:

1 x Upper Center Dashboard Trim

1 x Gauge

1 x Wire Harness

1 x Decoder



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How to use:
1. Loosen the buckle of the decorative cover of the original car with a tool
2. Remove the decorative cover of the original car
3. Remove the air outlet on the left side of the central control screen
4. Release the buckle of the air outlet on the right side of the central control screen
5. Release the buckle of the rightmost air outlet of the center console
6. After loosening the buckles on both sides of the air outlet, remove the entire trim panel
7. Turn on the car and set the gear to the last D position, then turn off the power and unscrew the cover plate screw to remove the trim and screen
8. Move the screen out
9. The 3P plug of the stopwatch harness is inserted from point A to point B and plugged into the stopwatch
10. The large plug of the decoder is transferred to the large plug of the CD player
11. Put the upper part of the CD and push the decoder harness into the hole together
12. After starting the car, test there is no problem, then restore it all