Mahindra XUV700 Smart Display Key

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  1. Lock
  2. Trunk (Some car need to press two times, some car need long press)
  3. Unlock
  4. Return
  5. Touch screen
  6. Screen on /off
  7. USB charge port
  8. Reset
  9. Rear casing


The lithium battery is inside of our make sure that the using environmen in case of cause an explosion.

The water proof lever of our device i only resistant most of dust and water operation. Please handle with care to or water get inside. It may cause any other damages.


To make sure the safety of your car, please make sure all the doors are closed well before leaving when use our smart key.

Installation Steps

Step 1

Take out the PCB board from the original car key and make sure the functions of relevant button

Step 2

Soldering the definition wire harness with relevant buttons

Note: When soldering the wire to each button no necessarily to definition + or - .

But the wire for power supply should be keep the Red color for + Positive, and Black color for -Negative


Step 3

Insert the original car key PCB in to the IC socket.

Notice the color wire towards down place.


Step 4

Connect the antenna wire with the OBD, and insert the OBD into the OBD port under the steering wheel


Step 5

Keep the short antenna wire to the A pillar, Keep the long antenna wire to the C pillar.

(Possible to work with one antenna, but the comfort access function work only the door for the driver.)

  1. Finished the installation, the car will automatically lock when the smart key away from the car about 5 meters, and automatically unlock when the smart key close to the car about 0-2 meters.
  2. When the smart key away from the car about 5 meters. The windows will be automatically closed. (This function only for some cars already work with long press remote to close or open the windows)



1. The smart LCD car key is compatible with what kinds of cars?

Answer: This smart LCD car key is compatible with all the

cars with Engine Start/Stop

2. Will this device break the safety of the cars?

Answer: our smart LCD car key doesn't change any

original functions of the car. The communication between the key and car is still same, so the safety is still same as original key

3. How long can the built-in battery work, and how to open the door if the battery is empty?

Answer: the volume of the battery is 450mA, usually it can work 90 days, even if the screen can't display, the comfort access function can still operate the car for 1 year

4. Will the original key be affected after soldering?

Answer: during assembling, you only need to take

our the original PCB board and solder the wires with each button, so if you don't want to use our key, then you can remove all the wires and put it into the original case of your key