Mercedes Benz S Class 2013-17 Android Stereo

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2013-2017 Mercedes Benz S, Maybach/upgraded 2020 central control screen, retaining the original vehicle system.


Upgrade your Mercedes S-Class stereo system with the latest technology and features. Designed for the 2014-2017 models, this upgrade will transform your driving experience.

Featuring a large and immersive 24.6-inch fully laminated display, you can enjoy stunning visuals with a resolution rate of 1920*720. The high-resolution screen ensures that every detail is crisp and vibrant, enhancing your entertainment and navigation experience.

You have a choice of different storage capacities to suit your needs. Whether you opt for 4G+32G, 4G+64G, 6G+128G, 8G+128G, or 8G+256G, you'll have ample space to store your favorite media and apps.

The built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) ensures optimal audio performance, delivering enhanced sound quality and immersive surround sound. Connect your iPhone seamlessly with the carplay feature, enabling access to your favorite apps, navigation, and hands-free calling.

Experience a 360-degree panoramic view with the 360 panorama feature, providing a comprehensive and real-time view of your surroundings. Stay connected with Hicar compatibility, allowing you to integrate your smartphone seamlessly with the car's system.

With 4G full Netcom support, you can enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity on the go, enabling streaming, online navigation, and app updates. The octa-core processor ensures smooth and efficient performance, while retaining the original car system functions for a seamless integration.

Upgrade your Mercedes S-Class stereo system today and enjoy a heightened driving experience with advanced features and technology.