Mercedes Benz V / GLC/C Class NTG6.0 CARPLAY NAVIGATION 10.25" STEREO

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Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Retrofit:

This feature allows for seamless integration with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without the need for any cords or cables, providing a clutter-free and convenient user experience.

USB Multimedia Playback:

The retrofit kit includes two USB ports for multimedia playback, enabling Lexus owners to play their favorite music, videos, and other media directly from a USB storage device.

Support for Reverse Camera:

The kit is designed to support reverse cameras, making parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces easier and safer.
Mirror Projection Screen: The mirror projection feature allows users to project their smartphone screen onto the vehicle's infotainment system, giving them access to their favorite apps and navigation tools on a larger display.

Online Navigation, Music, and Phone Integration:

 Wireless CarPlay Retrofit Kit allows for seamless online navigation, music streaming, and phone integration, offering a more enjoyable and convenient driving experience.

Voice Control:

With built-in voice control functionality, users can access various features without taking their hands off the steering wheel, promoting safer driving habits.