Video in motion for VW Discover Pro, Composition Media, Audi MMI, Skoda Columbus, Seat

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Product information "Video in motion for VW Discover Pro, Composition Media, Audi MMI, Skoda Columbus, Seat"
  • Specific module for activating the video source / TV tuner / DVD while driving
  • Fits the following navigation units: (PR no.: 7UG)
    • Audi MMI navigation plus touch MIB1, MIB2, MIB3 (A3 8V, TT 8S (FV), A4 8W, A5 F5, Q2 GA, Q5 FY, Q7 4M, A6 4G, A7 4G, R8 4S) until and including model year 2017
    • Audi MMI navigation plus touch MIB2, MIB3 (A6 4A, A7 4K, A8 4N, Q3 F3, Q7 4M from model year 2020, Q8 4M, e-tron GE)
    • Audi MMI Navigation plus touch MIB3 (A4 8W, A5 F5, A6 4A, A7 4K, A8 4N, Q3 F3, Q4 F4, Q5 FY, Q7 4M, Q8 4M, e-tron GE, e-tron GT)*
    • VW Discover Pro (Caddy SB, Crafter SY, Golf 7, Golf 8, Touran 5T, Passat B8, CB, Taigo CS, Tiguan AD1, BW2, AX1, BJ2, Arteon 3H, T-Cross C11, T-Roc A11, AC7, Atlas CA1, T6.1 SH, T7 ST)
    • VW MEB (ID3 E11, ID4 E21)**
    • Skoda Columbus (Octavia 5E, NX, Suberb 3V, Kodiaq NS7, Karoq NU7)
    • Skoda MEB (Enyaq 5A)**
    • Seat Leon 5F, Ateca KH, Formentor KM, Taracco KN2
    • Lamborghini Urus ZL
    • Bentley New Continental
  • Fits the following radio units: (PR no.: I8D / I8E / I8F / 8AR in combination with UF8, U9C)
    • VW Composition Media with MDI interface 
    • VW Optionsinfotainment MIB3 (PR-Nr.: 8AR)
  • Activation and deactivation via diagnostic interface of your vehicle
  • OBD version - No interface needs to be installed in the vehicle
  • Mirrorlink also while driving

Scope of Delivery:
  •  39960 module

  • Diagnostic Interface can only be used for one vehicle
  • ** from SW 2.28
  • MIB3 with SW 2.23, MIB3 is installed on the following vehicles:
    • Audi A1 GB, A6 4A, A7 4K, A8 4N, e-tron GE, e-tron GT, Q3 F3, Q5 FY, Q7 4M, Q8 4M from model year 2021
    • Audi A4 8W, A5 F5 from model year 2020
    • On Audi A3 8Y, Golf 8, ID3 E11, ID4 E21, Seat Leon KL, Skoda Octavia NX, Enyaq 5A  the respective control unit must be unlocked for a limited time before using the dongle. This must be done by a workshop with valid GEKO access
  • Viewing moving images while driving is prohibited in many states by lawmakers or liability insurance. In Germany, the driver is responsible without any special prohibition that his vision and his hearing are not affected by technical devices. The TV activation is to allow only the passenger and other vehicle occupants the TV and DVD function while driving. The customer must ensure that unlocked devices do not impair the driver's attention. Usage on own risk! KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG is not liable for damages that result from the improper use.
  • in the VW Composition Media with MDI interface, only the video source of the MDI is enabled